Tuesday, April 14, 2009

tomorrow is Day Six; the complacent domestic day

It's become obvious, despite the name, that this project is going to have to extend past seven days. Ten, fourteen? I don't know. We just got so into ideas to insert that it just made sense to extend it and do it well. There are so many avenues to explore with this project, so many photos to take that we could really do it for a long time, but that would defeat the purpose of the capsule relationship wouldn't it? 

So, tomorrow we are at the stage where we don't need to look good for each other anymore because we are settled and comfortable into our marriage. Maybe we start to take the other person for granted a little bit, but mostly we are just peacefully sharing our new home together. 
I'll be looking to take as many domestic type photos as possible. 

I like how the momentum of the project is building with myself, with Zach and with other people's interest. I feel like Zach is starting to take a stronger role in planning now, as I know he felt like I was doing more of the work earlier (per his writing).  It's the give and take of a relationship. It's interesting that all of this planning and give and take is for the benefit of our conceptual relationship but occurs in our real relationship.

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