Thursday, April 16, 2009

Day Six: The Domestics

Well, the domestic evening felt truer than we had ever anticipated.  We 'moved into' our new house. I made the bed and cleaned up while Zach went and got us some pizza since we are both sick of cooking. My stomach was feeling funny and it turned into a full-blown sickness throughout the night. After a game of scrabble and reading in bed, as we always go until one of us falls asleep, the sickness really hit me. I was up every hour all night long and my wonderful husband was (mostly) up with me to make sure I was okay. I was greeting with tea and toast in the morning. Yes, our marriage may have lost some of the initial honeymoon spark but now we find ourselves in a place of comfort and love.  As a funny side note, I've noticed that we have even started to dress alike.

We both had bad weeks for various reasons, so the night at home was just right. I'm just sorry that this stomach bug has gotten a hold on me. He's now off at work and I'm in bed resting. 

The surprise sickness altered the night to make it seem that much more real and domestic.  I hope that whatever is bothering me isn't an unwanted surprise baby. That's all we need right now with us both about to lose our jobs.  I'll need to go to the doctor soon; but I don't have health insurance, so it will be a day spent waiting I bed. Uh-oh.

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