Sunday, April 19, 2009

Day Seven: The Pregnancy

One of my questions was definitely answered today: You definitely get treated differently as a pregnant woman. People are much nicer and more polite to you. It was absolutely amazing to me that my fear of being uncovered as a fraud didn't occur and real women, women with babies and even a nurse were fooled into thinking I was actually pregnant. I am still in awe. The nurse even said to me that she could tell that I was about due because of how the baby had dropped. Ha. I got lots of compliments on how good I looked and we both got lots of thumbs up on the good job breeding. Babies apparently make people happy. 
I also found out I couldn't bend over and pick anything up with the baby on my belly. Another odd observation was that I found myself attracted to other pregnant woman like a magnet and wanted to compare my belly to theirs. I didn't want anyone touching mine and thankfully no one tried, but I think mine was too stiff compared to the real thing. I will post the photos tomorrow, but there is one with me and two other pregnant women, like we were in some secret club or something. 

I was most amused today running into two friends out and about today who are both aware of the project but still expressed some degree of surprise about seeing me pregnant. I was hoping all day to see someone I knew just to gauge their reaction. I'm pleased. 

I'm was also very pleased to take the damn thing off. I can't imagine nine months of that thing on me plus the weight of a baby sitting on my bladder. How do you ladies do it???? I'm glad I had the experience for a day and that was enough for me.

I'll write more later as I post the photos. 

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