Saturday, April 11, 2009

Day Four Party Review

Last night was the combo party and it was obvious that is was mostly for the groom (since it was at his house and it was his friends and it was his birthday). There wasn't much wedding festivities but a lot of questions about the wedding or the project. Once kind woman brought me both a shower gift and and a bachelorette gift (see photos). The groom took it upon himself to take bachelor party traditions literally and to humiliate himself so he gave himself a ball and chain and had a shirt for people to write on. The stuff people wrote on the shirt was actually of a rather mean nature (see photos). It seems his friends don't approve of Zach getting married today.
I can't say I had fun at the party, but I appreciate the few of my friends who did show up and the people who were genuinely happy to meet the bride. 

Today is the wedding. I am up early due to anxiety and so I am choosing to blog with my time. It's definitely raining outside. As long as my dress doesn't get muddy, I don't care. I wonder if people will come. 

As as side note, the person marry us is actually ordained and I was worried for a moment if it would be official but then I remembered that we need a piece of paper for that so we're in the clear.  I can't believe I'm nervous! (I'm also very tired....)

*as a side note for those of you who are still confused: This is a conceptual relationship project, therefore it is NOT real. It is an experiential performance (though wedding gifts are still welcome). Smile.

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