Wednesday, April 8, 2009

bachelor/bachelorette party invite

When: Friday, April 10, 9:00PM

With his conceptual marriage to Ellie scheduled for high noon on this coming Saturday, Zach's 26th birthday coincides with his final night of freedom. Things are moving along so quickly for the young capsule relationship couple that four separate events have been scheduled to happen simultaneously in Zach's apartment on Friday night: Bachelor and birthday parties will be held for Zach, and Ellie plans to squeeze in a bachelorette party bridal shower to boot. Not exactly the sort of night we imagine you'd want to miss! We fully realize that there are lots of other events going on tonight aside from the four that are happening at Zach's house, so please feel to stop by, drop off your dinette sets, make some heavily sexual comments, slam a quick half-dozen KahlĂșa shots, and be on your way. Free free to bring buddies. We might have a somewhat limited supply of alcohol since this wedding is costing us an arm and leg, so you're encouraged to bring back-up drinks. Speaking of the wedding, though... if you're nice,* we might invite you.

*Unfortunately, we cannot accept American Express or Discover cards at this time, so please plan accordingly.

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