Sunday, April 5, 2009

Day Three

I am very sunburned from the gorgeous day in fairmount park today. It was a perfect spring day with all of the blossoms out and the japanese festival going on. It was a perfect day for conceptual romance.
We had a blanket, wine, a picnic, some affection for show, etc.
The absolute best part came when he proposed to me. There were a group of teenage girls in the gazebo where he wanted to do it and I told him to involve them, or at least ask them to move. He went up to them and said he was about to propose to his girlfriend and would they mind letting him use the gazebo and also helping to photograph the event and I heard a massive group squeal of joy when he asked this. They were so excited and so when I came over, the girls were beaming. I pretended I didn't know what was going on and that the girls were just taking our photos for us. Then he gave me a magnolia flower with my plastic ring inside and he got down on his knees. He asked, I said yes and the girls squealed some more and clapped. We hugged and so on for show. I heard one of the girls say that she felt good going home knowing she contributed to something. Another girls who was apparently videotaping it said she was going to put it on youtube. I hope she does and I can find it because that would add an even more interesting dimension to the project. Did I mention the girls were dressed as anime characters or something and one even had a tail? It was so weirdly perfect.

I took so many photos today, it's going to take me awhile to get them up here but I will as soon as I can. With the photos will come more description.

Tomorrow is potential ring shoping- or at least wedding supply shopping. We are talking about where/when/how to have the wedding now and what to do for the honeymoon.

Our time out conversations have been adding a very complex dimension as we are both finding that it's hard to be ourselves and pretend at the same time.

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