Saturday, April 18, 2009

Tomorrow is Day Seven

Though it is not the end as I stated before. We have to add three more days to the capsule relationship for the sake of attention to detail. My real brother wanted to know why this project wasn't done in seven consecutive days and my answer is that it would be humanly impossible to do all of the planning and detail work plus run our daily lives and do this whole project consecutively. The other answer is that we only count the days that we are together in our conceptual relationship as a day (as documented here in the blog). I somehow felt it was necessary to clarify this point.

I am really not looking forward to being paraded around with a pregnant belly tomorrow and becoming a spectacle. Who knows what sort of disasters could occur (like the belly coming loose when someone touches it or something).  I am also really NOT wanting to go baby shopping tomorrow pregnant but Zach feels it's important. This, as I've said, is a sign of things to come.

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