Sunday, April 12, 2009

Day Five Wedding/ Honeymoon extension

This was certainly a jam packed weekend. The party friday night. The wedding saturday and then the honeymoon. There is so much to write about I'm not even sure where to begin. For one, the wedding was really lovely, even though it was raining, cold and only one guest showed up. Mr. Will did a beautiful job with the ceremony and I managed to get some beautiful photos between my self-timer and my guest who attended. We did want a very private ceremony and that is what we got. I just regret that it was so cold outside where the ceremony was held. I was actually touched by the words chosen for the ceremony. Afterwards we created quite a stir in the Philly diner as we were still in our wedding clothes eating waffles. Because of our clothing, we were even allowed to substitute hashbrowns for breakfast meat since we are both vegetarians. (Though we were told it was a one time substitution). Marriage does has its benefits I guess. 

Soon after we changed and warmed up we drove down to Atlantic City to our Roman themed honeymoon motel room (with a heart shaped hot tub). It was exactly what I had imagined for this honeymoon and the photos I wanted to take. I am going to state right now, that what goes on between a husband and wife in the bedroom (conceptual or not) is private and will not be broadcast on this blog, though the photos may tell you a story once they are up.

I am getting used to calling Zach my husband now. We are fully enjoying the ups and downs of marriage; like me getting a flat tire today and him helping me out (or rather helping the homeless man out) changing the flat. He also got sick to his stomach last night, our honeymoon night, and I slept right through it. Oh, and to think just a little while ago we were just sharing a muffin. Things have progressed quite nicely and I'm looking forward to us moving in together this week for some domestic bliss. 

Much more to come on this weekend.....

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