Friday, April 3, 2009

(pre) Day Two

I am getting ready for date two and I am finding myself worrying about what I'm going to wear like it was a real date. Maybe what I'm wearing is too business-like and not 'sexy' enough for a date that is meant to smitten per the script. Am I worrying about this in character? I think so.

My other concern is whether or not to bring my heavy tripod with my camera bag as it's not exactly a cute date accessory. Ah, but it is part of the documenting aspect of this project so the answer is yes. I just wish I could remember whether or not I ever had a remote for my camera and if I did, where it is now....?

It's funny not really feeling in the mood to pretend to be romantic. I hope I can fall into character.
I wonder what we'll talk about? I'll try my best to recount the experience tonight or tomorrow. At least with the script in place, I know that there are no surprise intimate events and so I don't need to straighten up my house. Ha.

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