Tuesday, April 21, 2009

blood test today

Yes, the baby is fine. Tomorrow Zach and I will be in our new house with the baby and share some of our new lives. We had to move into a smaller place because he quit his job. This was quite untimely with the baby and all, but necessary. The blood work is just run of the mill post-natal health stuff. 

I am conceptually ambivalent as well as in real life about this baby. Tomorrow will be a trying day in our relationship and one near the end. We have spent a lot of time discussing in real life how to undo our conceptual relationship and I think no amount of planning can prepare us. I am hoping the tension comes across but that he and I can keep our real life emotions out of the conceptual part of it. I am looking forward to writing about all of the layers of complexity that have occurred throughout this project after it is finished. 

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