Thursday, April 2, 2009

(day off)

Tomorrow is day two of the seven day relationship, which according to the schedule is the first date (as stereotypical as possible) with the possibility of holding hands at the end. He has written dinner and a movie, but I suggested dinner (with candlelight and wine) and then art openings for my own selfish reasons. This is where the real me diverts from the script. It IS first friday after all. 

Further down the line (in a few days) we will 'fall in love' , wed, have a baby, live domestically and eventually divorce. I was thinking it would be more impactful to live together for a day or two during the marriage AND to have a real baby to deal with. I'll have to see if anyone needs a babysitter.  All I can think about is my own visual script of potential successful photographs. 

I am starting to question why it is I'm getting involved with this project beyond mere curiosity and the potential to make an art project out of it. Maybe that's enough.

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