Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Day One

Today Zach and I officially began our 'seven day conceptual relationship' per his craigslist posting. We have talked about the script he posted and how we are to collaborate on this idea together to make it a joint art piece. My reservations so far have had to do with not know what to expect and not knowing how I am supposed to act; that is whether to be myself or be in a character. If I am myself, some things cannot happen like having a baby. If I am a character we can play the role of the normal couple...but I am not an actor, though I can act. I am afraid of feeling stupid during this project or even worse; having real emotions attached to the events. 

Now that I've met Zach I feel a little more confused because I find myself just being myself and forgetting to pretend that we've never talked or that I know anything about him at all. I think if this is going to work so that I can remain outside of it enough to document and write uninvolved, I am going to need to do a little acting here. I am going to have to play the part as a 'normal' version of myself.  I am going to need to be able to be more playful with this.

So, today he came into the coffee shop while a student was sitting next to me which I thought was inopportune, so I got up to drop off my mug and say hello. I think the line was 'have I met you before?'. I apparently foiled his plan to send a muffin to my table. How cute. 
The only thing that threw me off today is the he told me he was recording our conversation about an hour into it. I didn't say anything overly personal, but it would have been nice to know this before hand. 

My only other issue to figure out is how to document this photographically if we are in the moment and I am always involved in those moments. 

I wonder how often the switching from real to acting will occur?

I think I'll add photos for each day to each post when I upload them. Coming soon....

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  1. Hey there,

    I found you through Flavorwire. Have you posted the original Craigslist ad? I'd love to read it.