Saturday, April 4, 2009

Day two

Date night was, well a date. It didn't feel any different than hanging out with any other person and eating a meal. I took a lot of photos which I will upload later. I am pretty happy with those as part of the narrative we are creating. We went to some galleries after and I never felt like I was in character the whole night. That is going to make the next stages even more difficult because we haven't established these characters who are about to fall in love, get married, honeymoon, have a baby and get divorced. It's clear to me that we have a lot of details to work out based on the amount of 'time out' time we spent talking about them and the 'relationship'. This kind of thing is like staging a play and out time outs are the rehersals.  For example, we need to think about honeymoon stuff, rings, baby stuff, where to live, how to stage intimacy etc.

Anyhow, I am excited about the photos from last night and nervous about the upcoming phases. 

I did experience something akin to jealousy which made me laugh because there is another woman he has or had been talking to about this and it made me feel oddly territorial. It this relationship simulation bleeding into emotional territory? I don't understand my response to the other woman being interested thing, but I guess it makes the relationship a little more real.

Another funny thing was that I listening to him on the phone referring to me as his conceptual girlfriend. I refer to him as my future ex husband.  Aw, pet names already. 

Doing this is exciting in many ways and I can see feeling left with a void when it's over.

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