Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My interim thoughts

This morning when I went out to my car, I found a stroller sitting on it which my darling fiancee found in the trash. It's great that it's one less thing we have to buy now. In character I wonder why he would do such a thing if neither of us want children and we're not wed yet but out of character I think it's really great.

I have to work on my bouquet and figure out what else needs to be done before the wedding on saturday. I really hope I can get someone fantastic to take photos for us as I will otherwise be occupied.
Oh yeah, I need to print out the vows too. So much work!

Most of the feedback I've bee getting has been really positive and this feedback is mostly coming from artists who have some foundation in performance and conceptual work.
My brother apologized for not being able to come to the wedding but suggested I get a conceptual one in his place.
A (non-artist) male friend doesn't understand why this is art and thinks it's silly.
Another (non-artist) male friend doesn't understand how we can pretended for real, or be real and not pretend. That is a valid question.
It seems a lot of people want to know whether or not we will actually make the marriage 'official' on our honeymoon which I can only answer by saying that this is a conceptual project and to politely mind your own business. Everyone will see the photos afterwards.

Doing this wedding is making me want to actually share it with people I know and care about. It's another funny real reaction to a fake situation. Interesting...


  1. are we going to get to see the honeymoon or is that too private..????

  2. You'll see it, but with discretion.