Monday, April 6, 2009

Interval planning day

Today was a day not officially on the schedule but we realized it was necessary. Since we have decided to get married on saturday and it's monday now, we needed to prepare a number of things. Today we had a truly magical moment in the thrift store while I was desperately looking for a wedding like dress and all of a sudden one of the women working walked by with a dress and I asked her stop and asked how much it was. She said $5 and it's beautiful and probably from the 40s. Amazingly it fits too! (albeit a little tight in the ribs).
Then we had to buy rings.

Later we talked about the bachelor party which is also his birthday. These bachelor party things always sit oddly with me and this conceptual one is no difference. This is something something worth exploring in more depth some other time.
Finally, after we made our first dinner together, we found our wedding vows online.

Drum roll please: the wedding is saturday at noon at the Fisher Fine Arts Library at 220 South 34th St. Philadelphia PA (UPenn Campus).
Afterwards we will depart to the glamorous Atlantic City area for a honeymoon.

There is so much to think about, even for this conceptual wedding and it's unpleasantly reminding me of another wedding I planned which didn't occur. Sigh.

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