Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I often have dreams about people I am no longer in touch with because it is literally the only way I can communicate with them. In the case of Zach, I had one that was very close to reality. We were flying somewhere to talk about the project. He moved his seat from next to me to another seat across the aisle. It was at that moment I knew something was wrong and started peppering him with questions. It came out that there was a woman named Alice or Allison and he was moving to be with her and didn't want to work on the project anymore. It was at that point I fired him from the project (again). This scenario in my dream only echoes what happened in real life three months ago.

I think this appeared in my dream because I am about to speak in public about the project again next week. I haven't spoken in public about the project since Zach and I had our falling out and ceased communication. I am grappling with how exactly to talk about the project since the context of it has changed so much since my last talk in July where he was just away and I was just missing him.

I'd like to thank Arin Cromley of Four Eyed Monsters for an insightful comment he made to me in regards to conceptual relationships.
"Conceptual relationships are fun. Real relationships are good too. In a way there is no such thing as a relationship that isn't real, because what ever one might do for a conceptual relationship, they really are doing it, and then there really is a real relationship there."

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