Monday, May 18, 2009

The Real Ending

The time for the real ending of the project is coming up quickly. This is not the ending of the capsule relationship w which already occurred and felt a bit anti-climatic and unresolved, but the ending of a real and working relationship. Because Zach is going away for the summer and has plans that don't sound like staying within proximity of me in the fall, it seems as if our working relationship is finished. 
I certainly cannot collaborate with someone who doesn't even have phone or internet for two months this summer!

This is very sad to me because I did (and still do) have grand plans for the project and now I feel that they are squelched because of his absence. I don't feel comfortable taking on the entire project on my own, though at times, I may have to and have already.

I am also losing contact with my friend and partner.  This to me is a much bigger loss then the capsule relationship ending. It's going to be a huge re-adjustment to get used a life without him to talk to, plan, work with and hang out with, especially since we've met it's been a constant and intense period of time together. 

We learned that by playing a relationship, we actually formed a relationship to both of our surprise.

I am giving this ending a thumbs down.

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